What Colours Go Best with Grey Kitchen Units?


What Colours Go Best with Grey Kitchen Units

Grey kitchen units have taken the interior design world by storm, offering a chic and versatile foundation for countless colour schemes.

But with so many possibilities, how do you choose the perfect palette? We asked top designers to share their expert tips on the best colours to pair with grey kitchen units.

Embrace the Grey

There are many shades of grey! You can choose a cool grey with a hint of blue for a sleek look or a warmer grey that leans towards beige for a cozy feel.

You can even mix cool and warm greys together! Grey kitchen units are very versatile and can look great with many other colors.  Let’s explore some ideas to create your dream kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Units With Classic Black and White

Grey kitchen cabinets are a great choice! They look stylish and go well with many colors. If you want a classic and timeless kitchen, try pairing your grey cabinets with black and white accents.

Adding white makes your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Think white countertops, backsplash tiles, or even a breakfast nook.

Black adds drama! A black faucet, cabinet handles, or light fixtures can create a sleek look.

You can even combine all three colors for a modern masterpiece. Grey, black, and white will make your kitchen look sharp and sophisticated.

Grey Kitchen Units with Wood Materials

They are a fantastic choice for your dream kitchen! They look great and can be super modern.

But if you want your kitchen to feel warm and cozy too, wood materials are your friend. Wood countertops, cabinet doors, or even just a breakfast bar can add a touch of warmth to your grey space.

This makes your kitchen feel welcoming, just like grandma’s house. Don’t be afraid to mix light and dark wood tones with your grey. It adds depth and makes your kitchen even more interesting.

The Power of Pastels

Do you love the color of springtime flowers and candies? Then pastels might be perfect for your kitchen! Pastels are soft and gentle colors like light pink, baby blue, and mint green.

They can add a cheerful and playful touch to your grey kitchen cabinets or appliances.

Think of them like sprinkles on your cupcake! Just a small amount of pastel can brighten your kitchen and make it feel fun and inviting.

You can use pastel colored bowls, pot holders, or even a throw rug to add a pop of color. So next time you’re decorating your kitchen, don’t forget the power of pastels.

Grey Kitchen Units with Orange and Yellow

Do you want a kitchen that feels bright and cheerful? Grey kitchen units can still be your base! pops of orange and yellow add sunshine to your space.

Imagine a bright orange toaster or a yellow kettle – these small appliances can bring a big burst of color.

Don’t be afraid to use colorful dish towels or placemats. Remember, even a simple yellow vase with fresh flowers can brighten your mood and your kitchen.

Make it Metallic

Dazzle your grey kitchen with metallic accents! These shiny touches add a special feeling to your space. 

Brushed gold cabinet hardware or a sleek copper faucet can elevate your kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Stainless steel appliances or a chrome pot rack can also bring a modern touch.

So go ahead and explore the world of metallics. They’ll add a dose of luxury that will make your grey kitchen shine.

Talk to a Kitchen Specialist

Picking the perfect colors and features for your dream kitchen can be exciting! If you ever feel stuck or unsure about anything, kitchen specialists are there to help you.

They’re experts in kitchen design and know everything about creating a space that’s beautiful and functional for you.

Kitchen specialists can chat with you about your ideas, show you different options, and answer any questions you have.

They’ll help you stay on budget and make sure your new kitchen is exactly what you want.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a specialist – they’re there to turn your kitchen dreams into reality!

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